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2020 Election Information

Welcome to Election 2020! This page is the primary resource on the World Wide Web for information on elections in Alabama that are scheduled for the year 2020. The purpose of this page is to provide you a quick reference to answer questions you may have about such topics as voter registration, the dates of the elections, and voting procedures.

Use the links below to explore the information we have already posted ... and return on a regular basis to keep up with new information we will be posting for elections in the year 2020!

General Information and Resources

Voter Guide 2020

Administrative Calendar

Candidate Filing Guide

2020 Poll Worker Guide

2020 FCPA Filing Calendar

Cross Over Voting Rules

Guidelines For Independent Candidate Ballot Access in Alabama

Presidential Candidate Ballot Access InformationSample Petition, and Administrative Rule

Independent Candidate InfoSample Petition, and Administrative Rule

Minor Party InfoSample Petition, and Administrative Rule

Guidelines For Holding a Voter Drive in the State of Alabama

Electoral College Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Advertisement Guidelines

PAC Filing Guidelines

Candidate Filing Guidelines

Online Campaign Finance Filing Guide

Supreme Court of Alabama- Court Seats for 2020 Election

Court of Criminal Appeals- Court Seats for 2020 Election

Court of Civil Appeals- Court Seats for 2020 Election

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