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Civil Law Notaries

A civil law notary is a person who is admitted to the practice of law in this state, who has practiced law in a United States jurisdiction for at least five years, and who is appointed by the Secretary of State as a civil law notary.

Civil law notaries are authorized to issue brevets, minutes, and notarial deeds and may authenticate or certify any document, transaction, event, condition or occurrence. Civil law notaries may administer oaths and make certificates thereof when necessary for execution of any writing or document to be attested, protested, or published under the seal of a notary public. Civil law notaries may also take acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments of writing for record.

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To view information regarding individuals who have registered as Civil Law Notaries, visit our Government Records.

Helpful links to other sites:

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Civil Law Notary training:

Training, examination and other useful information from the National Association of Civil Law Notaries (NACLN)

Alabama Bar Association

To view an informational booklet on Civil Law Notaries, click here.


Available Downloads (Adobe Acrobat format):

Alabama's civil law notary statute

Alabama's civil law notary rules (pending revision)

Application for Appointment as a civil law notary (Form ACLN-1)

Appointment of Protocol Custodian and Seal Filing (Form ACLN-2)

Alabama Civil Law Notary Annual Report (Form ACLN-3)

Alabama Civil Law Notary Signature and Seal (Form ACLN-4)

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