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Event Scheduling Request Form

Please note that this form is only to be used to request Secretary of State Wes Allen to attend a public event or visit a public location. If you would like to request a meeting in the Secretary of State’s office, please send a detailed email to Olivia Chadwell at It is recommended, but not required, that scheduling requests be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event.

All fields are required and must be completed in order to submit an appearance request. All appearance requests must be properly submitted through this form.

Date of Request:

Are you requesting Secretary Allen be a speaker at your event?

Thank you for your interest in having Alabama Secretary of State, Wes Allen, attend your event. Please kindly understand that submission of this form does not automatically serve as confirmation of Secretary Allen’s attendance at your event. You may expect a response from a representative of the Secretary of State’s Office within 5 business days to coordinate and confirm details.