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Secretary of State Wes Allen's Response to Statement Issued by VPC and CVI

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen issued the below statement in response to a press release issued on March 25, 2024 by the Voter Participation Center regarding the misleading, unsolicited mailers targeting Alabama mailboxes. 

“The response issued by the Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information fails to refute and, in fact, advances our position that these groups are using targeted, partisan tactics. The claim that these groups are nonpartisan is false and is completely contradicted when the groups publicly reveal their targeted demographic to be primarily Democratic voter blocks.

As Secretary of State, I want all eligible Alabamians, not just specific voter blocks, to be able to register to vote using the proper channels. These groups’ unsolicited efforts to advance a political agenda directly contradict this ideal and are not welcome in Alabama.

Further, I would like to make very clear that the only “misleading and alarming” message to Alabama citizens has been at the hands of VPC and CVI. VPC and CVI are unable to deny the instances of errors in their mailers and, in fact, instruct the Alabama citizens who will inevitably receive inaccurately pre-filled mailers to discard them.

Trusted voter registration can be found online at This Office and the Boards of Registrars in all 67 counties are here to assist eligible Alabama citizens in the process of registering to vote.”

Find Secretary Allen's warning to Alabama citizens here: 

Please reach out to Laney Rawls at with questions.