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Reporting Business Entity Fraud

Reporting Business Entity Fraud

The Alabama Secretary of State’s Office is not authorized under the law to investigate business fraud or provide legal advice to private citizens or businesses. Because this Office cannot remove an existing business entity filing due to fraud without an order from a court of proper jurisdiction, it is imperative that complaints of fraud be submitted to the proper authority for review and potential investigation.

Unfortunately, there are many different types of fraud today. Finding the proper agency to report a business you believe is operating illegally or defrauding consumers or its employees can be difficult. To assist with reporting suspicious activity, a list of links to help guide you to the proper agency based on the type of complaint you may have is provided below. If you are not sure what type of complaint you may have, contact your local law enforcement, district attorney, the Alabama Attorney General, or the appropriate licensing agency related to your complaint.

Federal Crimes and Terrorist Activity Securities and Investment Fraud
Internet-based Fraud Insurance Company Wrongdoing
Health Care Fraud Mail or Lottery/Sweepstakes Fraud
Man-made or Natural Disaster Fraud General Contractor Wrongdoing
COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis Fraud Unemployment Fraud and Abuse
Intellectual Property Crime Bankruptcy Fraud
Romance Scam (Catfishing) Federal Tax Fraud
Charity Fraud State Tax Fraud
Elder Fraud Social Security Fraud
Consumer Complaints Identity Theft

Also, you may be well served by consulting with a private lawyer or law firm. The Secretary of State’s attorneys hold a special license to serve as legal counsel for the State of Alabama only and therefore are prohibited by law from providing legal advice, representation, or opinions to the public. If you do not have an attorney and think you may need one, you may use the Alabama State Bar’s lawyer referral service. Your local bar association may also be able to assist.