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Secretary of State Announces Removal of Houston County Registrar


Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen announced that he has removed Dorothy Robbins from the Houston County Board of Registrars as a result of multiple violations.

“We simply will not allow someone who has operated in this manner to continue to serve as a member of the Board of Registrars,” Allen said. “We took the appropriate action in light of the circumstances.”

Robbins was removed after committing the following violations:

  • Processed voter registration forms without signatures from the voters
  • Made registrants active who had been convicted of disqualifying felony convictions
  • Issued photo identification to non-registered voters, including individuals who had committed disqualifying felonies
  • Registered a voter at her home address who does not reside there
  • Processed voter registration forms without the required sign-off of a second registrar

She no longer has access to any office, equipment, systems or resources of the Board of Registrars.