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Alabama Secretary of State and Alabama State Bar Partner to Implement New MCLE Opportunity for Alabama Attorneys

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen and the Alabama State Bar have partnered to implement a new mandatory continuing legal education (“MCLE”) opportunity available to Alabama attorneys. This new program, entitled “Lawyers for Liberty,” was announced by Secretary Allen at the annual meeting of the Alabama State Bar on July 13, 2023.

Alabama attorneys are required to complete 12 hours of approved MCLE per year. The Lawyers for Liberty program allows attorneys to attend poll worker training and serve as poll workers for 4 hours of MCLE credit.

Lawyers for Liberty requires that participating attorneys attend poll worker training administered by the county probate judge prior to the election, serve as a poll worker for no less than 8 hours on election day at a polling location designated by the county probate judge, and submit the necessary form to the Alabama State Bar.

“I appreciate the partnership with the Alabama State Bar as we work to recruit poll workers,” Secretary Allen said. “As a former probate judge, I know firsthand how vital poll workers are to election administration. They work hard and love their communities. Poll workers are indispensable for keeping our elections safe, secure, and transparent.”

Attorneys interested in participating in the Lawyers for Liberty program can find more information on the Election Information page of the SOS website here: AL SOS Lawyers for Liberty.