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Secretary of State Releases Over 9,000 Pages of Government Records Previously Unavailable Online


Tuesday, December 17, 2019 – MONTGOMERY – Through accessing the Alabama Secretary of State’s website, users are now able to search through more than 9,000 pages and 800 documents of statutory filings dating back to 1844.

“As public officials, it is our duty to be completely transparent to the people we serve and represent. State resources should be used to better our communities, and it is important that Alabamians are equipped with the ability to track how resources have been and are being used in the state,” said Secretary Merrill.

Under the leadership of Secretary Merrill, certain filings from state agencies, counties, and municipalities have been made available for public inspection in electronic format at no cost to users.

“There is often a lack of accountability in state government, and this new system will allow for records to be more easily tracked. In the Office of the Secretary of State, we will continue to work to preserve state documents in a manner that is accessible for everyone,” Merrill stated.

Please note: the Office of the Secretary of State has digitized all paper statutory filings in its possession and will continue to do so as soon as they become available.