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Secretary of State John H. Merrill Releases Searchable Digitized Acts of Alabama


May 27, 2016 - MONTGOMERY - Following an idea recently made by the Executive Budget Office, Secretary of State John Merrill directed his IT staff to make searchable the Acts of Alabama on the Secretary of State’s website.

Currently, the acts are available electronically, but require the person to search through multiple pages to find the information needed. The new system will allow members of the general public as well as state and local officials to continue to review the information electronically, yet much more efficiently than before by defining the searches and requests. Additionally, this was completed at no additional cost to the state.

“As a public servant I have a duty to provide every Alabamian with the most effective and efficient resources available so that they have the tools to continue to make our state the best that it can be,” said Secretary Merrill. “I would like to thank Laneita Littleton, Doryan Carlton (Chief Budget Analyst), and Kelly Butler (State Budget Officer), for introducing the idea to make the acts searchable on the Secretary of State’s website.”

These newly digitized records are available online at: