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Secretary Merrill Celebrates Four Consecutive Years of Same-Day Business Filings


Monday, June 22, 2020 – MONTGOMERY – Sunday marked four consecutive years of same-day business filings by the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office.

“Prior to taking office on January 19, 2015, it took up to seven months to file a business with the Office of the Secretary of State. The system was polluted with unnecessary fees and hoops for business owners to jump through,” stated Secretary of State John H. Merrill. “I am proud to report that as of yesterday, June 21, our office has successfully recorded same-day business filings for four consecutive years. In addition, we have worked to remove barriers to the business filings process including various filing and processing fees.”

“As chairman of the Alabama Small Business Commission, I know that employers and companies just starting out are often frustrated by slow service from government agencies and the bureaucracy that accompanies it,” Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth said. “The Secretary of State’s business division deserves our commendation for continuing to provide excellent, same-day service for business filings and ensuring that the fulfillment of the American dream comes just a bit faster to entrepreneurial Alabamians who pursue it.”

“I want to congratulate the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office for achieving this milestone. Quick turn-arounds on business filings from the state have eliminated headaches for Alabama business owners and allowed them to focus on what’s important in making their enterprises successful. This is the kind of benefit that makes Alabama a great place to do business,” stated Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield.

The economy’s growth was extremely limited and Alabama businesses and families were left at a severe disadvantage during this inefficient and unnecessary wait period. The Office has since operated with a significant reduction in the number of staff in the office. Since January of 2015, 43 employees have either resigned, retired, or been released.

“The results that have been so consistently produced by our office have been aimed at helping businesses and families grow and be successful. The Office of the Secretary of State will continue to operate at the speed of business, as opposed to the speed of government,” said Merrill.

Since implementing the same-day policy, Alabama businesses have been provided the freedom and ability to thrive at their own rate rather than waiting on the state’s approval.