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Secretary Merrill Breaks Down Alabama Counties by Support for Trump and Biden


Thursday, November 5, 2020 – MONTGOMERY – Following Tuesday’s election, Secretary of State John H. Merrill has worked with local election officials to provide unofficial election results.

“I am proud to report that Alabama has continued in her standard for election excellence!” exclaimed Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill. “While many states across the country are still processing mail-in and absentee ballots, all of Alabama’s 67 counties were reporting election results on election night.”

The top counties supporting President Donald J. Trump are as follows:

1.      Winston (90.37%)

2.      Cleburne (89.76%)

3.      Blount (89.57%)

4.      Marion (88.42%)

5.      Cullman (88.15%)

The top counties supporting Former Vice President Joe Biden are as follows:

1.      Macon (81.45%)

2.      Greene (81.32%)

3.      Bullock (74.71%)

4.      Perry (73.81%)

5.      Lowndes (72.74%)

Please note these numbers are unofficial and may be updated upon the certification of election results on November 23, 2020.

“The time, effort, and preparation that Alabama’s election officials put into making Tuesday’s election a success are commendable, and I am thankful for their collaboration and commitment,” concluded Merrill.

As it stands now, Alabama ranks eighth nationwide in support for President Trump. The breakdown by states can be found below:

1.      Wyoming (70.4%)

2.      West Virginia (68.7%)

3.      North Dakota (65.5%)

4.      Oklahoma (65.4%)

5.      Idaho (63.9%)

6.      Arkansas (62.6%)

7.      Kentucky (62.6%)

8.      Alabama (62.5%)

Please note that several states are still processing ballots and these numbers may also be updated.