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Secretary Merrill Announces 6th County to Adopt Online Business Filings Process


Monday, July 29, 2019 – MONTGOMERY – Today, Morgan County became the 6th county in Alabama to adopt an online filings process for formation of domestic LLCs and domestic for-profit business corporations.

Before the online service was available, business owners had to physically deliver or mail in their forms to their probate judge’s office.

Now, name reservation certificates and certain certificates of formation may be electronically processed through the Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

“As your 53rd Secretary of State, I work for you! Government should help businesses thrive, not cover the system in bureaucracy and red tape. It is time we joined the 21st century in modernizing the services we provide, and I am glad that the citizens of Morgan County may take advantage of this service today,” said Secretary Merrill.

This online service is offered at no cost to Alabama’s 67 counties by the Secretary of State’s Office. As additional counties express interest they will be added to the system at that time.

When Secretary Merrill took office, the business filing process where corporations were recorded by the Secretary of State’s Office took up to 7 months. Not only is the business harmed in that wait time, but some business owners had to wait 7 months to open a simple business bank account, obtain a line of credit or bank loan, or have appropriate resources to meet their first payroll.

Secretary Merrill has proudly taken the business filing speed down from 7 months to one day. In taking the business owners’ filing process online, we expedite their wait time in getting their forms to us and remain committed to providing our one-day filing speed.

The online filings process for formation of domestic LLCs and domestic for-profit business corporations is currently available for citizens in Baldwin, Jackson, Montgomery, Elmore, Tuscaloosa and Morgan Counties.

For more information on online services, please visit our webpage at: