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Nearly 200 Years of Legislative Acts Now Available Online!


April 21, 2017 - MONTGOMERY - Secretary of State John H. Merrill announced the digitization of nearly 200 years of Legislative Acts. This was accomplished as a collaboration between the Office of the Secretary of State and the Alabama Department of Archives and History (State Archives) that has made nearly 200 years of legislative acts available online.

Previously, the State Archives digitized all of the Acts of Alabama from 1819 to 1901, and the Secretary of State covered everything from 2000 to the present. This new partnership will fill the existing 100 year gap in twentieth-century Acts. This entire project was completed for less than $23,000.

“It is important for the people of Alabama to have access to their history and to know what occurred throughout our history. Digitizing the Acts and making them publicly available for everyone is important to ensure that all Alabamians have access to this information. By providing this information online citizens will have access at their fingertips of all Alabama’s Legislative Acts since statehood,” said Secretary Merrill.

These records are now available at