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Alabama's New Uniform Pistol Permit


February 2, 2017 - MONTGOMERY - State Law requires the Alabama Secretary of State’s office to work in consultation with the Alabama Sheriffs Association to create a uniform pistol permit for residents of the state of Alabama. The purpose of a pistol permit in the state of Alabama is to provide added layers of security and protection for Alabamians. Further, the purpose of adopting a uniform permit format would be to provide a level of consistency regarding the required information when citizens present their pistol permit in another county other than their county of residence.

The Secretary of State’s Office has worked to develop this uniform standard format in close collaboration with Alabama’s 67 Sheriffs and the Executive Director of the Alabama Sheriffs Association Bobby Timmons. Sheriff’s offices have already begun implementing the changes and rolling out the new permits as permit holders renew or attain a permit for the first time.

“Since taking office in January of 2015, I have been committed to reducing the bureaucracy that too often is a burden to the people of this great state.  This uniform design will provide the people with clear rules regarding their rights as Alabamians. This uniform design also provides consistency which eases citizen interaction with law enforcement across the state,” said Secretary Merrill.

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