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Alabama Secretary of State’s Office Tops 3.6 Million Registered Voters


Monday, June 15, 2020 – MONTGOMERY – This week, the Office of the Secretary of State topped 3.6 million registered voters, once again establishing a new record for the State of Alabama.

Since taking office on January 19, 2015, Secretary of State John H. Merrill has made it a priority to see that every U.S. citizen that is a resident of the State of Alabama is registered to vote and has a government-issued photo ID.

In this commitment, our registrars have recorded the successful application of 1,531,584 new voters since Secretary Merrill took office, bringing the state’s total number of registered voters to 3,600,807.

“These numbers are unprecedented and unparalleled in the history for any state in the republic during the same period of time, and I am proud of our work to promote participation in the democratic process,” stated Merrill. “During these times of uncertainty, our Office will remain accessible and ready to assist the people of Alabama.”

In January of 2016, Merrill introduced electronic voter registration through the use of our website and the mobile app “Vote for Alabama.” We have since registered 1,086,194 voters electronically.

In visiting all 67 counties annually to register voters and issue free photo ID’s, the Office of the Secretary of State has made and will continue to make a concerted effort to promote voter registration and voter participation.