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The Alabama Secretary of State’s Office Receives Perfect Audit from State Auditor Jim Ziegler


Monday, July 15, 2019 – MONTGOMERY – This morning, State Auditor Jim Ziegler recognized the Secretary of State’s efforts in securing a perfect audit for all three state property inventories of the Office of the Secretary of State.

The State Auditor is responsible for making sure all state agencies have possession or knowledge of the state property under their care. The office of the State Auditor performs a routine audit every two years of Alabama state agencies for all items costing $500.00 or more.

Property Manager Anthony Powell was recognized for attaining a perfect audit in a certificate of commendation from Auditor Ziegler.

“Property managers may strive for good work, but few attain a perfect audit. I commend Anthony Powell for doing a super job of ensuring that all property is accounted for!” said Secretary Merrill.

The Secretary of State’s three categories for property inventory are general agency, voter registration, and the Office of Helping America Vote Act (HAVA).

In the 2013 audit before Secretary Merrill took office, 94 items of 890 were unaccounted for in the HAVA inventory. Today, all 643 items are accounted for in HAVA inventory.   

“This is the first time in more than a decade that all three divisions of the Secretary of State’s office have been recognized as having completed a perfect audit!” said Merrill.

“We commend Anthony Powell and all team members responsible for the inventory of this equipment. We are excited to be recognized by the State Auditor and his team for accomplishing the expected goal of a perfect audit!”