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2016 Mock Election Results!


October 28, 2016 - MONTGOMERY – Alabama’s statewide Student Mock Election was held October 25th between 8 AM and 3 PM and closed with an impressive 174,125 total votes from 441 public, private, parochial/Christian, and homeschools from across the state. The youths elected Donald Trump to the presidency with 75,878 votes, 66,871 students voted for Hillary Clinton, and Gary Johnson and Jill Stein finished with 17,191 and 14,185 votes, respectively.

“I’m glad that so many students were able to participate in the Mock Election,” Secretary Merrill stated. “We have a responsibility to our youth to educate and prepare them for the opportunities and challenges they’ll face in adulthood, and I’m certain that this experience made a positive impact on their lives as they learned the importance of voicing their opinion in America’s democratic republic.”

Multiple schools submitted pictures of their students participating in the event, which can be viewed on the Secretary of State’s FaceBook page: One principal from Chambers County expressed that the process was an exciting and rewarding experience for the students, while a teacher from Lee County commented on the amount of fun her students had while casting their votes.

If you would like to see how your county voted in this year’s presidential Mock Election, click the following link, which is located under the “Mock Election Results” tab in our “Student Center” on the Alabama Secretary of State’s website: