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September 11, 2008
Secretary Chapman Reports Receiving a Record Number of Voter Registration Applications

MONTGOMERY- Secretary of State Beth Chapman said her staff is receiving a record number of voter registration applications, as are many of the sixty-seven counties’ Boards of Registrars.


“We continue to expect a record-breaking number of citizens to cast their votes in the November 4th General Election,” Chapman said. “Democracy is the bedrock of our society and I am glad more citizens are expressing an interest in participating in it.”


Chapman says that her office is receiving around 200-300 voter registration applications daily.  The Secretary of State Elections Division employees have expressed that this number far surpasses what they have seen in the past elections cycles. 


Secretary Chapman’s website also has an option to request an Alabama Postcard Voter Registration Application online.  Chapman said that the office is receiving around 50-75 requests a day for registration applications from the site.


Also, the staff of the Secretary of State’s office has seen a great number of orders for voter registration applications for voter registration drives being held across the state.  “While these orders are not an accurate number of how many applications will be turned in, I believe they are a good indication of the participation the state may see in the November General Election,” explains Chapman.


“I am very encouraged and excited about the enthusiasm which is spreading about the November 4th General Election.  With 40% voter participation in the Presidential Preference Primary in February, my staff and I expect a great number of Alabama citizens to participate in the upcoming General Election,” Chapman stated. 


No specific prediction on voter turn out has been made from the office at this point, however Chapman expressed that she and her staff are preparing accordingly for a large turnout.


To obtain an Alabama Postcard Voter Registration Application or to learn more about the registration process, Secretary Chapman encourages Alabama citizens to visit 



For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: