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July 17, 2008
More Voter Fraud Allegations from Perry County

MONTGOMERY - The Secretary of State’s Office continues to receive reports of voter fraud in Perry County, this time in a municipal election. Figures from the June 10th municipal election in Marion show a 59% voter turn out rate with 29 % of those votes cast by absentee ballots.  In the June 3rd statewide primary, the numbers in Perry County showed 50.3 % voter turn out and 26% of those votes were cast by absentee ballots.


Secretary Chapman has continued to receive information from concerned citizens in Perry County regarding wide spread voter fraud.  Chapman received the most recent of those allegations yesterday from a Perry County citizen who visited her office and  reported  that votes are being sold for “$40 and a ‘rock’,” of cocaine. Chapman and her staff are preparing a report to submit to the Attorney General for further review.


Chapman created a Voter Fraud Unit in her office with a toll-free number and website dedicated to receiving information after reports and “astronomical” voting numbers came out of Perry County in the June 3rd primary election in comparison to the rest of the state.


“I will not say the numbers we are seeing from both elections in Perry County are not possible, but I will say that they are highly unlikely,” Secretary Chapman said. “My staff and I have received numerous complaints including specific details from what appear to be credible sources.”


The Voter Fraud Unit toll-free number is 1-800-274-VOTE and the website is



For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: