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June 5, 2008
Secretary Chapman Says Perry County Numbers Unusually High

MONTGOMERY –  With speculation already at an all-time high that voting violations could have potentially occurred in Perry County, Secretary of State Beth Chapman announced their unofficial vote totals today referring to them as “unusually high.”


With only 8,361 registered voters in Perry County, there were 4,207 votes cast which is 50.3% turn out rate which is more than double other counties. Perry County’s voter turn out rate is 50.3% compared to such other random counties as:  Marengo, 17.7%, Greene, 22%, Hale 14.6%, Lee, 5%, Mobile 14.1%, Crenshaw 14.9% and Shelby 10.2%. The unofficial voter turn out for the entire state is estimated at only 14%.


The absentee vote percentage was 19% compared to less than two percent or under in many counties.  These Perry County numbers do not reflect those seen in like size counties across the state.  A perfect example is Crenshaw County which had 14 absentee ballots cast and Hale County that had 7, compared to Perry County’s 1,114 cast.


There has been past speculation of voting violations occurring in Perry County and these numbers only serve to increase those speculations.  “Perry County is either the poster child for voter fraud, or the poster child for voter turnout,” said Secretary of State Beth Chapman.  “I hope it is the latter.”


Chapman called for an investigation into reports of voting violations she received from a poll observer with the Department of Justice.  It was reported earlier today that the Alabama Attorney General’s Office has served subpoenas for the voting records of Perry County.



For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: