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March 7, 2012
Important Notice to UOCAVA Voters from Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman

Pursuant to the preliminary injunction issued by the U.S District Court for the Middle District of Alabama in United States of America v. State of Alabama, et al., Secretary Chapman has important new information for Alabama UOCAVA voters.

The time for receiving and counting UOCAVA ballots cast in the March 13, 2012 primary election has been extended to March 31, 2012. If a UOCAVA voter’s absentee ballot affidavit is signed and witnessed by two (2) witnesses, and is postmarked or shows a dated endorsement of receipt by another agency of the U.S. government by March 13, 2012, the UOCAVA absentee ballot will be counted so long as it is received in the office of the county absentee election manager by March 31, 2012. UOCAVA voters are urged to return their marked ballot at their earliest opportunity and ballots may be returned by U.S. mail, commercial ground or air carrier, or by hand delivery.

If a UOCAVA voter has not already received an absentee ballot for the March 13, 2012 primary election, they may choose to receive the ballot by telefacsimile, electronic mail, or in an electronic, downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) through the State’s ballot delivery wizard instead of by U.S. mail. In cases where an email address or telefacsimile number can be determined for a UOCAVA voter, that person will be informed of their expanded options for obtaining an absentee ballot by email or telefacsimile transmission.

If UOCAVA voters have any questions or need assistance, they may contact the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office at 1.800.274.8683. An international toll-free number will also be available and that number will be posted on the Secretary of State’s website once the number is obtained.

The Federal offices on the ballot in the March 13, 2012 primary election are:

  1. President of the United States (Republican primary only);
  2. U.S. House of Representatives (All Congressional Districts)


For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: