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September 26, 2011
U.S. Justice Department Gives Approval to Elections Changes

MONTGOMERY, Ala.--  Secretary of State Beth Chapman has received notification that the US Justice Department has approved two changes to election law: one involving campaign finance reporting and the other relating to campaign advertising. These election changes were made by the Alabama Legislature during their 2011 regular session.

The first law receiving approval, Act 2011-687, requires monthly campaign finance reports and requires more frequent reporting closer to the election.  As a result of this approval, reports due for the month of September will be due this Friday, September 30.  The law also requires candidates and political action committees that file campaign finance reports with the secretary of state to do so electronically beginning in 2014.

The second law, Act 2011-697, requires candidates to disclose the sources of funding for political advertisements or ‘electioneering communications.’

For complete details on the reporting requirements of Acts No. 2011-687 and 2011-697, visit our website at or to retrieve the Acts.



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