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June 16, 2010
Chapman Clarifies Candidates for Republican Gubernatorial Runoff

With continuing misinformation circulating, Secretary of State Beth Chapman confirmed that the two names she certified on Friday, June 11th for the Republican Primary Runoff for Governor were Bradley Byrne and Dr. Robert Bentley.

The certification was made, the certifications were immediately sent to the counties to prepare their ballots and those two names will appear on the July 13th runoff ballot regardless of the results of the recount that is presently occurring.

An Attorney General’s opinion regarding the law in a primary recount said that a candidate can only challenge the primary election after there is a nominee and that at this juncture the law requires that Bradley Byrne and Dr. Robert Bentley be listed as the Republican primary candidates in the race for Governor.

To reiterate, Bradley Byrne and Dr. Robert Bentley are in the July 13th Republican Runoff for Governor regardless of the results of the recount.

For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: