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June 4, 2010
Secretary Chapman Releases Additional Elections Information

MONTGOMERY, AL - Secretary of State Beth Chapman announced an uncertified total of provisional ballots being reported from all 67 counties today.  The uncertified total is 1,790, which is less than the total in the 2006 Primary Election when there were 2,376 provisional ballots cast.  In 2006, 829 of those provisional ballots were counted as legitimate ballots.  “Provisional ballots will play a vital role in determining the final numbers of the vote totals this year for the gubernatorial and other primary races statewide,” Chapman said.


Nell Hunter, who is the state’s longest serving registrar and serves the state’s largest county, said that her provisional ballot total is 308.  She says this is typical for Jefferson County and that they were processing the ballots quickly.  “We should have no problems with counting this number of provisional ballots as we do for every election.  The number of this year’s provisional ballots is very closely aligned to elections in the past.  This is nothing we haven’t seen before,” Hunter said.


At this time, there is no way to know to which candidates to attribute these ballots or to which party.  That information will be forthcoming from the counties as they verify and process the ballots that should be legally counted.


Chapman said that provisional ballots will be counted in each county on June 8.  After the provisional ballots are counted, each county executive committee of the political parties will certify the county-level election results.  The chair of each county executive committee must then certify those results to the chair of the state executive committee not later than noon on June 9.  Not later than noon on June 11, the state executive committees of the political parties must meet at the State Capitol to certify and declare the election results for all offices.  Then, not later than June 17, Secretary Chapman must certify to the counties the names of all candidates who will be on the ballot for the July 13 primary runoff election.


 “The candidates are anxious and want the elections officials to count ballots quickly, as do we. Most importantly, we want them to take the time to ensure that it is accurate,” Chapman explained.  “The counties do an excellent job of managing elections at a local level for the citizens of this state.  Every job and every vote is extremely important as we have definitely seen with this election,” Chapman said.



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