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December 11, 2007
Chapman Launches Electronic UCC Filing System

MONTGOMERY – Today Secretary of State Beth Chapman launches the new electronic UCC Filing system on the Secretary of State website


Online filing was one of the recommendations made by the UCC Advisory Board that Secretary Chapman created to make the processes of the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office more efficient and effective for Alabama businesses by investigating procedures of the Uniform Commercial Code Division. The Board is comprised of representatives from various agricultural, financial, and insurance institutions around the state.


Some benefits of the new electronic UCC Filing System are:


·         UCC Financing Statements and Amendments can now be filed online.

·         The filing is dated and timed with the actual time that the filing is entered.  This means that the lien position is secured as of that time.

·         The filing can be printed in the office and placed in your file within minutes.

·         Saves about a week in mailing documents to the Filing Office in Montgomery and waiting for them to be returned.

·         It’s easy to use!  Basically just fill in the blanks.  The system will not let you continue until the information has been completed. No more rejections for incomplete forms!

·         The fee is $28.25 per filing, except Terminations which are only $13.25.  If you do not subscribe to the system the fees are $1.00 more and a credit card must be used.

·         Go to and click on the Business Services tab.  Under the UCC heading click on ‘Online Filing’ and follow the directions. 

·         The online search system is projected to be complete and available by mid-January 2008.  A subscription to the online filing system also entitles you to the search system when it becomes available.


The paper method of filing is still available should customers choose to use it. 



For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: