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March 25, 2009
HB 711 Passes House Committee

MONTGOMERY - Secretary of State Beth Chapman and the Military and Overseas Voting Task Force have taken another step toward electronic voting for overseas voters, as House Bill 711 passed through the Constitution and Elections Committee this morning.


House Bill 711, the Task Force legislation, will give military and overseas voters five additional ways to obtain a ballot including mail, commercial carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex, a secure fax line, email, and secure electronic transmission.  The bill will also authorize overseas voters to return their ballots using those same means except email.


According to an Associated Press article, House Bill 711 also allows Secretary of State Beth Chapman to test such a system in the 2010 state elections.


“We are definitely thrilled with the progress that the bill made today and we are hopeful that the progress will continue,” Secretary of State Beth Chapman said.  “The Military and Overseas Voting Task Force worked extremely hard and has found a champion in Representative Jimmy Martin who understood how necessary it was to get this bill out of committee and on to the next step,” she continued.  “I am grateful for the support of Representative Martin, the Task Force, and the entire Constitution and Elections Committee on this important issue for members of our military.”


Those members voting in favor of the bill today were Representatives Jimmy Martin, Barry Mask, Jay Love, Mary Moore, Chad Fincher, James Gordon, Tommy Sherer, Micky Hammon, Patricia Todd, Joseph Mitchell, and Jack Page.


“The two thousand soldiers who will be deployed from Alabama before the 2010 General Election and those already overseas should know that there are many individuals in their state who are working hard to get them a more efficient and effective way to vote.”



For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: