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December 12, 2008
Chapman to Collect Phone Cards for Wounded Military Members

MONTGOMERY – Secretary of State Beth Chapman announced today she will again have a program to collect domestic prepaid telephone calling cards for wounded servicemen and women for Christmas this year as she did last year.  A strong advocate of our state and nation’s military, Chapman says Alabamians should do all that is possible to enhance their Christmas Season as a small token of our appreciation for their invaluable service to our state and nation.


Chapman says that Alabama is a state that does not have laws to expedite members of the military’s right to vote in our elections back home while they are serving abroad.  Chapman calls it “unconscionable.” This program is only a small part of a much larger effort that the Secretary of State has in mind for the military.


Chapman chairs the Military and Overseas Voting Task Force which is set up to help make voting easier and more accessible for members of the military and overseas voters. She has been the voice of the National Association of Secretaries of State on this issue many times in the past year and has collaborated with various national organizations which support the effort.  Chapman says this year she is committed to continuing her commitment to this endeavor.


Chapman boasts that Alabama has per capita the largest number of National Guard members to be deployed since 9/11 and one of the largest percentages of men and women in all branches of the military including veterans.


Chapman said she has met many members of our military who have been wounded.  “If they are wounded and cannot be home for Christmas, then maybe we can take a little bit of home to them. If hardened criminals get one phone call when they are arrested, then those who have been wounded in defense of our country should have as many calls home as they would like,” Secretary Chapman said.  She hopes that fellow Alabamians can help make that happen.


Telephone calling cards can be purchased at retail stores.  Chapman is asking for donations from the public of 60-120 minute prepaid domestic calling cards.  Once purchased the cards can be delivered or mailed to Secretary of State Beth Chapman, Military Calling Card Program, Alabama State Capitol, 600 Dexter Avenue, Suite S-105, Montgomery, Alabama 36130.  Cards need to be received on or before December 22, at 5:00 p.m.

For more information, visit Secretary of State John H. Merrill’s Web Site: